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Put your creativity to work and watch your business soar

It's tough being in business nowadays. And it's only going to get tougher.

Worse yet, the rules of business and marketing are changing faster than you can say "dotcom bust."

But, there's hope. More than hope – you actually have the ability to build a wildly successful business.

Yes, you. Personally. You have an edge over many other businesses out there. Why? Because you have the Soul of an Artist. (Trust me, you do. Even if you don't think you're creative right now. Just the sheer fact you're reading this means you're interested in cultivating your creativity. And that's a HUGE advantage.)

So why is being creative so important? Consider this: Each day, Americans are bombarded with 3,000 attempts to snag their attention. Worse yet, that figure is doubling every five years.

The bottom line? Your message is somewhere in the middle of those 3,000 other impressions.

So the question is what is it doing there? Is it a wallflower, standing on the sidelines and watching everyone else have fun, or is it the belle of the ball, the one all the other messages long to be?

(And if you want to know exactly what your message is doing, take this quiz and find out.)

Even if your message IS getting a second look, there are ways to push it into the spotlight and turn it into a star (not to mention dragging it onto the dance floor if it’s stuck in the corner). How?

By being creative.

My name is Michele Pariza Wacek and I’m the owner and founder of Creative Concepts and Copywriting. LLC. As an expert in business-building strategies and creativity, I’ve specialized in both creative marketing solutions and creative copywriting solutions (writing promotional copy, not to be confused with copyright or putting a copyright on something). For over ten years, I’ve been helping clients grow their businesses using a variety of strategies including advertising, public relations, writing and more.

And the best part? I can teach those same techniques to you. I can show you how to combine your creativity with hard-hitting, business-boosting principles so your sales explode. My new book "Got Ideas?" is all about combining your creativity with hard-core marketing principles.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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